getting started

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Getting started in Kurdistan:

1. Contact your local KRG representation
The KRG has representation all over the world that can help put you in contact with the relevant KRG members in Kurdistan. They will be able to provide you with information on relevant areas you are interested in.

2. Visit us
Kurdistan has been to host foreign companies for years now due it stability and security situation where foreigners are welcome. A region experiencing an economic boom, our people and businesses are eager to form relationships and partnerships with international investors. By visiting the region you can see the development and potential at first hand, cementing your belief that Kurdistan is a region worth investing in. Meeting locals business and government entities can further help cement the view that Kurdistan is genuinely developing.

3. Submit to us
To submit an investment proposal, please refer to the respective branch office of the BOI in Erbil, Sulaymaniah and Duhok. 

4. Talk to current investors in Kurdistan
The department of Foreign Affairs can help in establishing your contacts with existing investors and local business leaders who have experience in the region.

5. Set-up shop 
KRG works alongside foreign investors to create a mutually beneficial economic relationship. While most foreign investment in Kurdistan is new this enables investors who arrive early to really stamp their mark in the region, with strong Foreign Direct Investment the Kurdistan region’s economy really has the potential to flourish.

To find out how to submit a proposal to the BOI: