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Department of Legal, Administrative & Official Affairs

Mr. Mukhles Murad (General Director).
Mphil in Law - UK / LLM in Law - UK
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Directorate of Interior Supervision

Directorate of Auditing

Directorate of Financial Accounting & Storing Affairs:

i. Section of Salaries Accounts
ii. Section of Balance & Limiting
iii. Section of General Costs
iv. Section of Administrating Stores

Directorate of Administrative Affairs:

i. Section of Personal Administrations
ii. Section of Archives & Documentation
iii. Section of Services
iv. Section of Mechanisms

Directorate of Coordination and Delivery Transaction:

i. Section of Transaction Archives
ii. Section of Coordination

Directorate of Legal Affairs:

i. Section of Legal Consultation
ii. Section of Legal Chasing
iii. Section of Contracts
iv. Section of Securities

Department of Promotion, Assessment and Project Licensing

Mr Kamaran Mufti (General Director).

Directorate of Licensing and Professional Following:

i. Section of Licensing
ii. Section of Professional Following

Directorate of Assessing Projects:

i. Section of of Economical Assessment of Investment Projects
ii. Section of Technical Assessment of Investment Projects

Directorate of General Relations

Directorate of Promotion and Information

Department of Studies & Information

Directorate of Consultation

Directorate of Information

Directorate of Studies

Department of Industrial Cities & Zones

Directorate of Industrial Cities 

Directorate of Industrial Zones

Directorate of Industrial Development

Erbil DG

Mr. Saman Arab (General Director).

Sulaymaniah DG

Mr. Farman Ghareb Saaid (General Director).


Mr. Bakhtyar Amin (General Director)