Our vision in Kurdistan is to make sure we do not face the consequences of not implementing a realistic sports road for the future of sports and youth in the region:

Vision & Mission

1. Sport for all, regardless of gender, physical capacity, economic and social background, and level of performance.

2. Sport should be a democratic movement.

3. Sport should be a tool for development of the Kurdish society: Physiological and mental wellbeing as well as presenting Kurdistan to the world.

4. Sports should be a tool for strengthening internal relationships between different groups.

5. Sports should be a tool for strengthening the relationship between Kurdistan and the rest of the world.

6. Sport should be a financial resource to Kurdistan.

ARTS & Sports

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Although these sectors are much smaller in comparison to other sector investment wise they will shape the path of civil society and culture in Kurdistan. So here in Kurdistan we see it as vital to boost investment in this sector to help diversify our society, to break from cultural norms.


Art investment has been steady thus far in the region, although potential is huge, with the regions rich history and scenery, art potential is vast. Gallery such as the Aram Gallery in Sulaymaniah and Sewa Art Gallery in Erbil, lively discussion occur between students and artists about the impact of contemporary art within Kurdistan, with excitement of western influence of art in the region in collaboration with local arts forms creates a contemporary culture in Kurdistan. 

In cities across the region in particular Sulaymaniah and Erbil there is thriving artistic communities, for both established artists working in traditional forms of, for example, painting and sculpture, and also a new generation of artists working across contemporary art and 'new forms' of culture.

The emergence of this society has paved the way for an urgency in investment in the sector, however the KRG sees the sector as vital to the future of Kurdistan’s culture and heritage.


A Sports Roadmap for the region was implemented by the former Ministry of Sports & Youth (MOSY) although the ministry was dissolved in the 6th, the road map is still implemented by the KRG to help enhance Sports in the region.

Before roadmap was implemented the youth and athletes were asked what they wanted, the meeting was held with 150 organisations 27 of them being youth organisations, sport clubs and sport centre’s giving a outlined plan with all relevant committees.


  1. 1. The complexity of the sports structure and the lack of coordination between different bodies.

  1. 2. Financial resource inflation.

  2. 3. Weakness in the infrastructure of sports.

  3. 4. Weakness in sports culture.

  4. 5. Weakness in sports administration, and technical skill capacities.

  5. 6. Involvement of non-responsible people in various sports movements.

  6. 7. Weakness in media regarding sports.

  7. 8. Weakness in the educational system regarding sports.

  8. 9. Involvement of political parties.

  9. 10. High rank posts are occupied not based on competence bases.

  10. 11. Weakness of sport centres.

  11. 12. Monopolization and weakness of democratic culture.


  1. 1. Weakness in mental and physical health.

  2. 2. Isolation and fundamentalism.

  3. 3. Addictions.

  4. 4. Reluctance to education and not attending school.

  5. 5. Weakness of sports movements and civil society.

  6. 6. Weakness in thinking and national pride.

  7. 7. Weakness of desire for teamwork.

  8. 8. Lack of presence (Kurdistan) in the regional, continental and global sports map.

Huge investment is needed to be able to implement the vision for the future of sports, outside assistance and guidance with the management and implementation of this policy is needed immediately to be able to create a flourish sector currently 3 Investment Projects related to Sports which amounts to $51 Million, we are working on ways to increase investment in this sector.